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Pulse Oximeters

The Vetsens range of pulse oximeters have been designed for veterinary use and are supplied with a veterinary lingual probe which can be placed on the tongue or ear of an animal. The Vetsens range of pulse oximeter are guaranteed to be the best value and are supplied with one year full warranty. 


Testimonial "Vetsens asked us to trial a number of pulse oximeters. The "White" pulse oximeter was as accurate and as quick to read as the much more expensive units that we already use, so much so that we decided to purchase one."Asquith Vet


Model Vetsens-P05
Type Handheld Pulse-Oximeter
Features LED display, long lifetime
Accessories Stand, wrist tie,  4xAA alkaline batteries, spare probe clip, manual
Lead Time In Stock
Probes One probe supplied, Replacement probes available
Power 4x AA Batteries (65mA current drain)
44 hours life with 2 Duracell 2850mAhr AA batteries
Dimensions 70 x 130 x 20 mm
Comments Low Power drain @0.39W






Vetsens-A01 Vestens-A02  Vetsens-A03

Vetsens-A01 - digit wrap

Vetsens-A02 - short clip

Vetsens-A03 - long clip


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Vetsens-P04 Application Note: Using Veterinary SpO2 Probe




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