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Vetsens is an Australian based company providing veterinary equipment supply and service, in three areas:

Easybeat Vital Signs Monitor

Vetsens supports and continues the supply of the Easybeat monitor and the various accessories. The Easybeat project started in 1998 and over 250 were sold in Australia. Features of the Easybeat monitor include: a respiration monitor and alarm, Nellcor pulse oximeter, temperature sensor, oesohpagael microphone and amplifier, touch sensor and printer output along with an optional miniprinter. The Easybeat is still the only custom made multi-parameter monitor designed and made in Australia.


Veterinary Pulse Oximeters

Vetsens provides a quality range of pulse oximeters and accessories at a reasonable price, with long battery life, and stands and various probe clips.

New Technology

Vetsens is investigating new technologies and ways to bring this technology to vets. This includes anaestheic monitoring, carbon dioxide sensing, multi-parameter monitors, and animal ventilators.





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M: 0413 139 408